As soon as we left we were looking for customers. I used my contacts, choosing from the wealthiest and most passionate people. So I asked for an audience with an Arab prince and with one of my partners we joined him on the French Riviera. The meeting does not start well: Dany Bahar, a Swiss manager of Turkish origin, co-founder of the Modenese Ares Design, almost fifty years old and very well worn, remembers him in a videocall from Kitzbhel (later we’ll see why) with a smile on his lips. The prince was distracted, he enthusiastically showed us his blue chrome Bugatti Veyron (a couple of million euros, ed) parked nearby. At a certain point another Veyron arrives, same color, identical. The prince pales. He puts the keys of his Bugatti in my hand and says: “Ok, let’s see what you can do: turn it into a unique piece”.


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