promising discovery in Spain, new dissuasive measure in the United Kingdom


    In Spain, the Pharmamar laboratory has discovered a substance that could become the best weapon against the Covid-19 pandemic. Plitidepsin is believed to reduce the viral load of the coronavirus by almost 100%. Tests have already been carried out on animals. Human trials are now needed to confirm these results.

    The UK wants to impose paid isolation at the hotel to any traveler arriving from South Africa, South America or Portugal. The government wants to prevent the arrival of variants of Covid-19. The hotels say they are ready, but this measure risks dissuading the British from traveling.


    Italy is in the midst of political turmoil. His government coalition having been pulverized by the departure of centrist Matteo Renzi, which took place on January 14, Giuseppe Conte resigned from his post as President of the Council on Tuesday January 26. He could nevertheless be recalled by the Italian president to form a new government and get the country out of the crisis.

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