Forget about the (probable) re-containment and listen to sea songs!


A New Zealand sea song repeated on the TikTok network.
A New Zealand sea song repeated on the TikTok network. (TIKTOK SCREENSHOTS)

We’re off this morning because while we’re busy wondering if we’re going to have to bake bread at home and Skype aperitifs, something extraordinary is happening on TikTok. It is the great comeback of sea songs. The phenomenon comes from the United Kingdom where a song of New Zealand sailors from the 19th century is now one of the most listened to songs of the moment thanks to Nathan, a Scottish mailman who published this cover on December 27th.

That’s the box full, eight million views. The song tells the story of whale fishermen at the time, butcher shops it can be said and of a Wellerman, the employee who supplies the boats in stock. On TikTok, people liked this cover so much that they started to voice over it. For example, we add a second deep voice:


We now add a violin and a female voice:

And when everyone gets started it looks like this:

A great marine singing choir … The 26-year-old young man was so successful that he quit his job as a postman to sign a contract with the Polydor label. We really like this story. And I tell myself that we too could have great stories with French sailor songs and I believe in them very much. You know why ? Because our sailor songs are more relevant than ever

Farewell dear comrade, sailor song that tells us from the first verses that we must leave the bamboche … visionary!



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