for YouTuber Mardi Noir, “the norm today is rather to be abnormal”


Mardi Noir is a psychologist and YouTuber. A 15-year therapy helped her come to terms with her uniqueness. “I think I wanted to be normal, anyway, what I imagined to be the norm, which is being in a relationship, having a job, earning enough money. In the end, I didn’t do any of that, and psychoanalysis allowed me to free myself from these ideals to find the singular path that is mine“, she explains. In her latest book, she asks this question to her readers:”Are you sure you are normal?

Every human being is abnormal, basic, and constructed from the normal to compensate for this abnormality. One of the great fears of human beings is to think they are crazy […], this kind of figure that overflows, that does anything“, believes Black Tuesday. For her, to be normal today, it would be rather to be abnormal, to be singular, to”deviate from what we think is the norm“In comparison, standards abound on social networks.”Everyone will claim their own set of standards, individually or by community of individuals, the standard of bourgeois whites, racialized people, homosexuals, heterosexuals, etc. All these standards will clash a little, which gives the illusion of bursting“, she emphasizes.



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