“We Europeans”. The good and the animal – France 3 – January 24, 2021


    Major report, guests and European news are included in the magazine We Europeans“(Twitter), presented by Francis Letellier and broadcast on Sundays at 10:45 am on France 3. For this new issue of season 2, direction l ’Germany, which has the ambition to become one of the leaders in the world in terms of animal welfare with many initiatives: investments to improve farm structures, renunciation of non-curative interventions, ban on the elimination of male chicks , development of alternatives to the castration of piglets, reduction in the use of antibiotics, commitment at European level to reduce animal transport times, etc.

    In France, a bill soon to be examined by the National Assembly looks at animal abuse and solutions to limit it. Animal welfare now appears to be a growing concern of the French, two thirds of whom, for example, are opposed to the presence of wild animals in circuses.


    Three unique initiatives in the world for animal welfare

    Three initiatives in Germany in favor of animal welfare > The Roncalli circus has decided not to present a number with live animals anymore. He replaced them with spectacular giant holograms. > In the Baden-Württemberg region, Thomas Mayer invented a mobile slaughterhouse to enable the slaughter of animals on the farm, in order to avoid stressful and sometimes painful transport for livestock. > A German company has developed a unique process for determining the sex of egg embryos. It will save millions of animal lives because today, in laying hen farms, only females are kept. The males, considered unprofitable, are gassed or crushed alive at birth …
    A report by Sandrine Feydel, Michel Anglade and Catherine Dubois.


    – William Kerwich, director of the Cirque Royal Kerwich, denounced in a column in the press the “genocirque” and animal defense associations that want to ban animals from wild fauna in circuses.


    – Jacques Guérin, President of the National Council of the Order of Veterinarians, delivers the definition of animal welfare as specified by the health authorities. He considers that we must have an appropriate response for each species and promote a gradual change in behavior.

    – Patrick Violas, founder of the zoo-refuge “La Tanière” which welcomes animals weighing from forty grams to several tons on a twenty hectare site near Chartres. It fights against abandonment, abuse, animal trafficking, forced detention and exploitation of animals.

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