All weekend long, many Internet users asked for news of Mauricette, the first Frenchwoman vaccinated against Covid-19 on December 27. Why this sudden infatuation with this 78-year-old woman? Rumors of his death, which would have occurred after the first injection in Sevran in Seine-Saint-Denis, started again after Norway established a link between thirteen deaths and side effects of the vaccination.

Contacted by Désintox, the Assistance publique des Hôpitaux de Paris confirmed that the rumors about Mauricette are false. To see more clearly, Désintox has traced the thread of the intox. From December 28, an Internet user answering the pseudo Aldente announces: ” Mauricette, the 78-year-old woman vaccinated in Sevran died of a heart attack last night, I work in the establishment where she was resident. So far nothing seems to indicate that the vaccine is the cause of death “.


Until this weekend, that tweet has gone rather unnoticed. On Saturday, as Internet users question him, Aldente gradually admits to having lied after providing proof of a photo of an elderly person on his bed. But a simple reverse search on Google can tell that this is a snapshot from an image bank. He then replies that it is not the right person: ” We know [que] this is fake news. Move around, there is nothing more to see “.

In the afternoon, he posted a video titled The truth about Mauricette, then states repeatedly: ” I lied to dissuade people from getting vaccinated “. A few hours later, his account was deleted. Too late to stop intoxication which continues to circulate on social networks.

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