No, the man who searched Nancy Pelosi’s computer at the Capitol was not found dead


A man was found dead 3 days after the Capitol invasion. For the conspirators, the case is heard: he had “ searched in Nancy Pelosi’s computer ”, Whose office was invaded last week. ” It stinks more and more », Tweets François Asselineau. ” He must have discovered things there that he shouldn’t “.

The information, taken up by Gilbert Collard and Florian Philippot, has been retweeted thousands of times but actually comes from the site Sputnik, which title: ” Man who searched Nancy Pelosi’s computer on Capitol Hill was found shot dead “, And affirms:” he had entered the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, posted a photo of her office and searched her laptop “.


In fact, the article mixes up several pieces of information. A certain Christopher Stanton Georgia has died at his home in the state of Georgia but the police have opened an investigation and found suicide, which Sputnik does not specify.

But the reality is, if a computer was stolen during the ransacking of Nancy Pelosi’s office, and a photo of her emails was published, it has nothing to do with the 53-year-old. He was arrested on the evening of the events for violating the curfew and breaking into the Capitol, but not for entering the office of the Democratic leader. Petty crimes for which he had pleaded not guilty in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, a local body responsible for trying less serious crimes.

As for the man photographed with his feet on the desk of an assistant to Nancy Pelosi, he has been indicted by federal justice. Nothing to do, therefore, with the story of Sputnik, which has since changed its article.


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