“Humanity, it is not on a return home at 18 just for being 18”


    He is Stéphane Ravacley. He has been a baker for 24 years in Besançon. Since September 2019, he has been working with Laye, a Guinean apprentice. “I am currently fighting so that this kid stays in France, has French papers. I have been on a hunger strike since January 3“, he says. Indeed, because he is now of legal age, he is under an obligation to leave the territory since January 3.”Humanity, it is not on a return home at 18 for the sole fact of being 18 years old. So … Otherwise, we have to let the boat sink and we look elsewhere. I don’t know, I don’t always understand everything, I’m just a simple baker but I think there are things that are a little incomprehensible“, protests Stéphane Ravacley. He adds:”France opened the stock market for kids who don’t care two years later. “

    “I want freedom for a kid”


    Stéphane Ravacley provides for his hunger strike to alert on Laye’s situation until January 26. That day, the prefecture of Doubs must rule on the appeal filed by the young Guinean to stay in France. “I almost went there several times in a few years so that’s why everyone is panicking a little today because I’m not well and the constants have risen. But if you don’t do something exceptional at some point in your life … There are those who buy Rolexes at 50, I want freedom for a kidA petition has been created on change.org for Laye. Over 200,000 people have signed it.


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