Contact tracing: Corona warning app with problems with Android devices – digital


A number of users complain that the risk assessment does not work properly. Google says its developers are already investigating the cause.

The users of the federal corona warning app may not currently receive the current result of the risk assessment. On Wednesday, several users of the application reported on Twitter that the app was not updating the risk status. Users in the UK also report similar problems. The US technology portal The Verge According to the current bug affects all apps worldwide that use Google’s Bluetooth framework. Google has the problem The Verge to confirms that its developers are investigating the cause.


Apple users not affected

However, the error did not appear on Apple’s iPhone. A spokesman for the largest European software group, SAP, confirmed the problems: At the moment, the Corona warning app on Android smartphones is “in some cases” not able to carry out a key comparison.

“This is currently due to the Exposure Notification Framework under the Google smartphone operating system.” This is the technical interface that Google makes available on Android phones via its Play Services. “We have informed Google about the problem and are working flat out to solve the problem.” Together with Deutsche Telekom, SAP developed the app that is based on the framework from Google and Apple.

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the Corona warning app has so far recorded over 25 million downloads and is actively used by an estimated 23 million people. Most recently, the CDU politician Friedrich Merz campaigned for a relaxation of the data protection concept of the application in order to be able to collect better data for an effective pandemic fight. This initiative met with sharp criticism from the Federal Data Protection Commissioner Ulrich Kelber and the Chaos Computer Club (CCC).



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