no, the Capitol invasion is not a stunt by the Antifas and Black Lives Matter.


The images of pro-Trump activists in red caps storming and then invading the Capitol in Whashington have shocked the world. But on the internet, loyal supporters of President Trump continue to accuse media of fake news and believe it to be a far-left stunt against Donald Trump. According to them, these scenes worthy of a coup d’état were orchestrated by antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement, which infiltrated the demonstration to provoke the outbursts.

They want as proof the fact that this shirtless man, with questionable tattoos and wearing buffalo horns would be an antifa who participated in the rallies of the black lives matter movement. However, by looking for the original photo, we can see that the insurgent at the time was holding a “Q sent me” sign referring to the QAnon movement, which supports Donald Trump. The man with the horns is actually a supporter of Donald Trump who has been photographed several times at pro-Trump rallies.


Another alleged evidence is said to be this photo, showing a bearded man, present next to the horned, who was allegedly identified on the site through his tattoos. Yet this site, run by anti-fascist activists in Philadelphia, catalogs their political enemies, the far-right activists so that they can be recognized. So this is not an antifa.

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