New world. Avatars and mobile household robots unveiled at CES 2021


Reah Keem, the virtual speaker presented at CES 2021 in Las Vegas (Nevada).
Reah Keem, the virtual speaker presented at CES 2021 in Las Vegas (Nevada). (YOUTUBE SCREENSHOTS)

Virtual is in the spotlight at CES in Las Vegas, which this year is being held entirely online.

For example, with Reah Keem, a 100% digital influencer-DJ, who is responsible for presenting the novelties of the Korean manufacturer LG. One way to set the tone and offer a glimpse of what future speakers might look like.



This is somewhat reminiscent of the Neons, those half-real, half-virtual characters on screen, presented last year by the other Korean Samsung.
This year, Samsung ensures that these “artificial humans” will arrive on our smartphones, for example, as bank advisers, but not before 2022. For its part, Sony has unveiled a 3D avatar of singer Madison Beer. The artist has been digitized, as in video games, then allowing his avatar to be animated at will, for example, to create virtual concerts, especially during a pandemic.

CES 2021 is under the sign of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many innovations focused on the home, such as video communication tools, domestic robots or air purifiers. Example: a UV-C LED lamp for disinfecting computer keyboards. Placed above the keyboard, this small lamp, signed by Targus and awarded with a “CES Award”, turns on for five minutes every hour and is supposed to destroy all bacteria and viruses.


UV-C lamp to disinfect keyboards
UV-C lamp to disinfect keyboards (Targus)

We should also mention a patch that sticks to the skin and that detects the symptoms of Covid thanks to the real-time analysis of temperature, heartbeat, etc. An innovation approved and already used in retirement institutions in the United States.

Finally, robots are starting to become a classic of the Las Vegas show. Last year, the Korean Samsung presented a system of double robotic arms capable of cooking. This year, the same Samsung is unveiling a robot capable of filling the dishwasher and bringing drinks. It looks like a sort of big robot vacuum with a tower at the end of which is a robotic arm. However, these robots, presented each year by Samsung and LG, still remain many at the stage of proof of concept and not yet really of the product that we will be able to find tomorrow in the appliance departments.




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