Coronavirus vaccine: Europe doubles its orders


    The European Union will double its order, 300 million additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been recorded. “This brings the number of doses reserved for the Pfizer laboratory to 600 million. One way to respond to criticism. This week, the European Commission was accused of having underestimated the number of vaccines ordered “, explains the journalist of France Télévisions Julien Gasparutto, in duplex since Brussels (Belgium), Friday January 8. With this new contract and the approval this week of a second vaccine, that of Moderna, “380 million people, nearly 80% of Europeans, can be vaccinated “, reports the journalist.

    The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, clarified the situation by explaining that States will not be able to order directly with laboratories. She insisted that there was a European framework and that there will be no parallel negotiations.


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