Brexit: the English have deserted the businesses in Calais


    For this first market of the year in Calais (Pas-de-Calais), many questions remain unanswered: after the pandemic, will the Brexit deal bring the british back? The economy of the city border goesit suffer from Brexit? The concerns are there: It worries me a bit because the English are happy to have them, they are good customers for us“, explains this cheese maker. The British are part of the city, 60,000 passengers pass through the ferry and tunnel every day.

    In this hotel, 50% of the clients are British. The English people do not have an identity card. For them it will not change anything, they all have a passport. I am not worried about the affluence and the sustainability of the attendance of our English customers“, explains Thiery Hédoin, owner of the hotel Meurice in Calais. Others are less confident, such as this wine merchant where the English used to buy dozens of liters of alcohol, which is cheaper in France. From now on, the quantities will be limited, with Brexit, the return of customs and quotas is taking place.


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