Mirror, oh my beautiful mirror, tell me what have I forgotten? The mayor (equivalent of the mayor in Belgium) of Antwerp, Bart De Wever, was trapped by his reflection which showed him in undress, Saturday January 2, during a videoconference interview with the Belgian station Radio 2 (in Flemish).

Saying to himself “a little distracted”, the presenter herself pointed out this incongruity to the leader of the nationalist party New Flemish Alliance (NVA): “VYou are wearing a really nice shirt, you probably put it on especially for us, but under this top would it be possible that you are sitting in your underwear? ”she asked.


“How do you know that?Bart De Wever replied. Ohh… Probably because I’m sitting in front of a mirror. Shit ! I hadn’t taken that into account. The year begins with a particularly embarrassing time for me! ” We call that a pantalonnade, right?