VIDEO. Abandoned as a baby in 1994 in Orly, she tells about her quest for identity


She does not know his date of birth or his place of birth. 26 years ago, Émilie was found alone and abandoned at Orly airport. That day, a lot of searches were carried out to find his parents, to no avail. After several hours, she was taken to a nursery, where the principal found her a name. It was September 19, the date of Sainte-Émilie. “It really is a fabricated identity”, She believes. At the age of six months, Émilie was adopted by her parents: Monique and Philippe, from Ardéchois.

Growing up, Emilie asks more and more questions about her identity. In July 2017, she went to child welfare to consult her file and get her questions answered. “It’s nothing!”She says. While in lockdown, she turns to social media and calls for help. “After two or three days, we are at 30 or 40,000 shares”, She recalls.


In all the messages I have received, there are a lot of people who tell me: ‘in fact, with your story, at the point where you are at, the effective way to be able to obtain information is to take a test DNA ‘”, reports Émilie. When she finds out about her test results, she learns that 50% of her origins are from India. She is also 15% Turkish, 35% European and 9% French. “Me, I feel totally French, I was super happy to see that I really had French origins in my DNA”, Rejoices Émilie. Now, she wants to remain visible so that people who have abandoned her will one day contact her if they wish. She believes she did “his part of the way”.


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