Trade agreement in sight between EU and China


    “The EU has been seriously weakened by Brexit, the strikes by US President Donald Trump and by China’s aggressive policy. Faced with the fear of heights, she found unity. It pays off on this trade deal with Beijing that had been in the air for seven years. It was blocked because China refused to make concessions, particularly on the issue of social and labor rights. China is moving because it is afraid of finding itself isolated in the face of an American-European axis and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who will preside over the EU until December 31, wants to take advantage of it “, analysis Etienne Lefebvre, editor-in-chief at Echoes.

    “According to the negotiators in Brussels, Beijing would be ready to ratify certain conventions of the International Labor Organization, and in particular that of forced labor which is sensitive with the repression of the Uyghurs. This agreement is important for European companies which could have access to the Chinese market The stakes are high“for them, concludes the journalist.



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