British fishermen disillusioned after post-Brexit deal with Brussels


    British fishermen blame Boris Johnson. In the post-Brexit trade deal struck with the European Union last week, fishing was the thorniest issue. The negotiations stalled for a long time, and finally the concessions made by the British Prime Minister annoy his own camp.

    What they wanted was fewer European fishermen in their waters while still continuing lucrative trade with the continent. That’s what they were promised. What they will have are the same French, Belgian and Spanish trawlers next to them on January 1, certainly with fishing quotas that will drop by 25% over the next five years. And now very blurred trade possibilities.


    This 1,200-page document makes no provision for trading fish outside the UK, which usually allows us to establish an annual fishing plan. We’re really going to be in trouble this year.

    Andrew Locker, President of the British Federation of Fishermen’s Organizations

    to franceinfo


    Along with the fishermen, Boris Johnson had strong allies for the Brexit campaign. And his fish-covered tie when the deal was announced last week isn’t enough to convince them. They now feel as though they have been fooled. Their representative says “angry, disappointed and betrayed”.


    The angry British fishermen: listen to the report from Richard Place



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