“For the consumer, the added value is not obvious”, according to the CLCV


“For the consumer, the added value on 5G is not at all obvious”, estimated Wednesday, December 23 on franceinfo Olivier Gayraud, in charge of new technologies missions at the CLCV. This national association for the defense of consumers is attacking the two operators SFR and Orange, in court for deceptive commercial practices. “Coverage information [éligibilité de la zone en 5G] is difficult to find “. Finally, according to him, “in terms of mobile internet, operators are extremely vague about speeds.”

franceinfo: Why this approach? Why would there be deception?


Olivier Gayraud: This is pre-contractual information that we consider unsatisfactory. 5G for the consumer, these are packages that are often more expensive than current packages. And it is unfortunately the return of commitment that will make things more difficult for competition.
The price is very variable. But the problem is that before signing up for a 5G offer, the least you can do is to be very clearly informed about ineligibility. Am I in an area covered by 5G? We must not forget that France will not be 100% 5G until 2030. So, it is an understatement to say that not everyone is covered by 5G. And this information on the cover, it is difficult to find. It is considered totally unsatisfactory.

Do you think consumers should take their time?

We highlight higher flow rates. However, in terms of mobile Internet, operators are extremely vague about speeds. We are talking about maximum theoretical speeds for 4G.


For 5G, we tell you that it will go 10 times faster, but we are in the theory, so we ask consumers to pay more for something. But in the end, the precise description of the service we are going to have is not given.

Olivier Gayraud, in charge of new technologies missions at the CLCV

to franceinfo


For consumers, the added value of 5G is not at all obvious. The advice is to be patient, watch how the network is developing, the feedback you have around you and all. From our point of view, there is really no rush to purchase a 5G package. We are not against the new technology, but we have to wait a bit to be sure that what we are going to pay more is really added value.

Is it beneficial to buy a 5G plan now?

In France, there has been fairly strong competition in mobile telephony for several years. And we, we hope that it will harden on 5G as it has hardened on 4G. And it is always in the best interests of the consumer. The price war has made them go down and that is obviously a good thing for all of us.



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