Boris Johnson is “finishing a year which has been a real nightmare, a perpetual and multifaceted crisis“, reports Marc de Chalvron, journalist for France Télévisions in duplex from London (United Kingdom).”He is trying to get his country out of isolation but he also faces a rampant epidemic“, adds the journalist, with more 36,800 new cases of Covid-19, Tuesday, December 22.

It will be a fantastic year for Great BritainThe Prime Minister predicted at the start of the year, however. When the first cases of coronavirus are detected in Britain, Boris Johnson seems to take things lightly and boastful even in early March after a visit to the hospital: “I shook everyone’s hands“Criticized from all quarters for his management of the epidemic, his country is becoming one of the most affected by the pandemic in terms of mortality.


On March 17, Boris Johnson was also infected with the virus. He remains in intensive care for three days and is close to death. In June, he announced the deconfinement of his country and thought he could devote himself to Brexit, but the negotiations were slipping. Businesses stockpile and chaos sets in, in UK ports and roads alike. On December 8, his country becomes the first in the world to use the anti-Covid vaccine. But following the mutation of the virus, he is forced to announce a new lockdown, the third since the beginning of the year.

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