The Statue of Liberty and the American flag. Illustrative photo.
The Statue of Liberty and the American flag. Illustrative photo. (TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)

To give an idea of ​​the importance of this cyber attack, one should know, explains the United States Senator Mitt Romney, that it is as if Russian bombers had flown over the whole of American territory for months without being detected. The attack began last March. Hackers infiltrated surveillance software when it was updated and infected tens of thousands of businesses around the world as well as American political institutions.

Attack in the United States, but also attacks in Europe. The Amsterdam-based European Medicines Agency has also been affected. It is she who manages the control of medicines for all 27 Member States. Hackers have stolen ultra-sensitive data on coronavirus vaccines, those from Pfizer and BioNTech.


The Americans accuse the Russians and the Chinese, who formally deny them. It can also be industrial espionage, although the power of the attacks suggests that it is States that are behind it all. To be completely honest, you can imagine that no one in this area has clean hands. What is worrying is the vulnerability in which our societies find themselves. An Achilles heel that politicians, especially in Europe, who plan to sanction and provide resources against cyberattacks, are aware of.

It is the vulnerability of our entire civilization that can be at stake because the world we are building is as powerful as it is fragile. When we know that hackers are attacking the financial, energy or health sectors and when we add to this the arrival of artificial intelligence, there is really some worry to be done .

You should know that all civilizations that have disappeared or lost their power. have been confronted with either war, natural disasters or major epidemics. However, our current power is also a power of illusion, very ephemeral and it is essential for our future to be aware of this today.