Cyberpunk 2077, the shock, but not the one we expected


“Cyberpunk 2077,” release announced on December 10 more than eight years after the game’s development was announced. Screenshot of the official gameplay trailer posted on November 19, 2020 on YouTube by CD publisher PROJEKT RED. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

How did we get there? Cyberpunk 2077, a game in which players had so much hope, is now sharply criticized by the community and withdrawn from PlayStation Store, as its version on console is not completed.

Fortunately for the CD Projekt studio, the eight million pre-orders allow it to be profitable, to offset the game’s colossal production costs of more than $ 300 million. But its price on the Warsaw Stock Exchange plummeted. Back on a fiasco with Brice N’Guessan, editorial director of Video Games Magazine.


franceinfo: The disappointment around Cyberpunk 2077 lives up to expectations …

Brice N’Guessan: A little background. Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that has been in development for 8 years. Polish studio CD Projekt’s ratings are high in gamers’ hearts thanks to excellent adventure game The witcher. So when the studio announces an open-world game set in a futuristic, dystopian universe, gamers are looking forward to it.


The studio that has been building up the pressure in recent months. Since the beginning of the year, the teams have multiplied the videos to reveal to the public the potential of the game promising a title of rare depth, a huge city teeming with inhabitants, a breathtaking storyline, incredible possibilities of customization. At the same time the game is postponed several times to be polished. April, September, November, finally it will be released on December 10th.

Obviously, eight years of development was not enough for Cyberpunk 2077.

Brice N’Guessan



And on December 10, the day of the release, the most anticipated title becomes the target of criticism around the world …

Indeed ! The game has been on the PC for months, but when it hits the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, it’s been a cold shower. Console players are used to having a graphical difference between the PC version of a game and the console version, but here the gap is abysmal. The city teeming with inhabitants is over, the artificial intelligence of enemies needs to be reviewed, but above all, on PC and console, the game is riddled with bugs! And on console, it is quite common for the game to crash, forcing you to restart the game.


What are the reactions among the players?

The rumors are rising among the players! A boom at the height of sales since the title has been pre-ordered in 8 million copies worldwide. While this helps cover the cost of the game, which is estimated to be close to $ 300 million, in 48 hours the studio has lost more than $ 2 billion in market capitalization.

Less than a week after the release, the studio apologized and offered to reimburse console players under certain conditions. In the meantime, the studio has also said it is working on multiple updates to make a console copy worthy of the name.



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