Arthur Messaud, lawyer at La Quadrature du Net, an association for the defense and promotion of rights and freedoms on the Internet, reacts to the enlargement by the government, via three recent decrees, of the field of personal data that can be collected by the forces of order.

The government has broadened, through three recent decrees, the scope of personal data that can be collected by law enforcement. The measure targets suspected persons or associations “endangering the security of the State”. La Quadrature du Net will file an appeal with the Council of State against these decrees. “The government is largely outlawed and no longer pretends to play by the rules of the game”, reacted Thursday, December 10 on franceinfo Arthur Messaud, lawyer at Quadrature du Net. “He convinced us of his desire to massively file the population, he says.


The police found extremely powerful powers with GĂ©rald Darmanin. He has convinced us of an extremely important threat to democracy and he does not even seek to defend himself.

Arthur Messaud

to franceinfo


At the beginning of November, 350,000 people were registered on these files. “This number will increase a lot since one of the changes that occurred last week is the listing of the entourage of political parties, movements, demonstrations. In these decrees, it is no longer just a question of listing the people considered as dangerous by the police, but also to file the people who are in the entourage. So there may be a good third of the French population. “

The government puts forward the fight against terrorism. For Arthur Messaud, “this argument is waved like a red rag, but that’s not the point.” “Terrorism is one of the goals, but the main thing is the fight against hooligans, sects, the underground economy and protests deemed violent. Terrorism is used to carry out political surveillance.”