“Anything that is prohibited in the physical space will also be prohibited in the online space”, declared Monday, December 14 on France Inter Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, in particular in charge of digital. He presented his draft European legislation which should impose stricter rules on the digital giants.

The Digital Market Act and the Digital Services Act will be officially presented on Tuesday. “It is about the regulation, the organization of our digital space, it is the space in which we telework, in which we have contacts through social networks, explains the European commissioner. Today, these spaces are often spaces of lawlessness.


The philosophy is going to be very simple: whatever is allowed in physical space must be allowed in space in the internet world. However, anything that is prohibited in the physical space will also be prohibited in the online space.

Thierry breton

at France Inter


The new regulations will target the digital giants who will have to apply the laws in force in the European Union, in particular the laws on terrorism, child pornography, hate speech and counterfeit products. “We ask, continues Thierry Breton, that if ever there are messages that advocate terrorism, in less than an hour, they must be withdrawns. “

The platforms will have to prove that they are putting in place means, particularly human ones, to enforce the rules. This regulation will concern around ten companies, designated as “systemic players” by Thierry Breton. “Until now, it was the competition rules that applied”, explains the European Commissioner, but it applied a posteriori.

“It takes years and then years, up to five years is eternity, indicates the European Commissioner. What I wanted, and this is a first, is that we have ex-ante rules, that is to say that to come to our internal market, we will now have to respect extremely strict rules. “ If these rules are not applied, “there will be sanctions “, and “if repeatedly, we do not follow all the rules, we can go as far as dismantling”, warns Thierry Breton.