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    In Sweden, fuel oil, coal and gas are not welcome to heat homes. Heat pumps, wood stoves or underground heat extracted from the ground are preferred as alternatives. In 30 years, the country’s CO2 emissions from heating homes have fallen by 90%. A dramatic drop thanks to rules that everyone must follow when drawing up plans for a house, otherwise it will be destroyed. Thick layers of insulation in the ceiling, triple glazing to retain heat … The standards, more stringent than in France, have been applied since the 1970s. “Even in winter, the heating doesn’t have to be on all the time, you don’t need much electricity thanks to all these layers of insulation “, testifies Andres Kruger, resident of Ostersund, in the north-west of the country.

    Common heaters in town

    In town, heating networks have been built to heat homes, supplied by an enormous oven, itself maintained by 300,000 tonnes of sawdust per year. In Ostersund, 50,000 inhabitants withstand a seven-month winter thanks to this ecological and economical system.

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