Now the Volkswagen Touareg is able to enter and exit parking spaces completely autonomously. Thanks to the new Park Assist Professional Plus with remote control, a smartphone is enough to manage the entire process. This is a particularly useful innovation in environments where spaces are very tight and the necessary maneuvers are many and complicated, such as in the case of multi-storey car parks in airports, shopping centers or interchanges. In all these situations, the Park Assist Professional Plus with remote control takes over the situation and parks the Touareg autonomously, without stress or difficulty. The operation of the Park Assist Professional Plus illustrated in this video


At the basis of the new system is the well-known Park Assist, already part of the optional equipment of the Touareg. The latter allows semi-automatic parking: the car manages the steering, while the driver is responsible for controlling the accelerator and brakes. The evolution of the Park Assist Professional Plus with remote control consists of the fact that, for the first time, the system can also control the engine and brakes fully automatically. The new device offers two operating modes: in the first, the driver activates the procedure while remaining behind the wheel; in the second, the driver gets out of the Touareg and controls the parking maneuvers using their smartphone. In both cases, the Volkswagen SUV enters and exits the parking space by moving independently forward or reverse. Furthermore, it does this in any type of parking lot. In the first mode, without remote control, the driver remains seated in his seat as usual. When he wants to find a space, he activates the search by pressing the P button on the infotainment system screen. As soon as the Touareg detects one or more suitable parking spaces, it signals them on the screen.


10 December 2020 (change December 10, 2020 | 12:43)


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