More and more French people are listening to podcasts, according to Médiamétrie


French podcasts are seductive, with nearly 104 million downloads or streaming recorded in November from five French publishers, according to a barometer published Monday, December 7 by Médiamétrie. A very encouraging figure, since this represents 8.5 million more plays than in early 2020, says the company. She specifies that the bar of 100 million podcasts (the French term for podcast) listened to was exceeded in October.

Médiamétrie, which had not published audience measurements in this format for years, records all the audio content published by subscribers to this barometer and listened to in streaming or download in France and abroad on the majority of listening media (platforms, sites, applications …).


The top trio for the month of November includes France Inter, with more than 29.7 million podcasts listened to, followed by France Culture, with 23.8 million and RMC, with 17.4 million listened to. Franceinfo comes in sixth place with more than 4 million downloads.

The five subscribers to this measure are the groups France Télévisions, Lagardère (Europe 1), M6-RTL (RTL, RTL2 and Fun Radio), Radio France (France Inter, France Culture, franceinfo, France Musique, France Bleu, Mouv ‘, Fip) and Altice (RMC, BFM Business, BFMTV).

The tapping is counted using a digital marker “placed in the download link”, details Médiamétrie, which operates “filtering” every month “to exclude abusive downloads” and made in duplicate.



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