negotiations between London and the Twenty-Seven “seem blocked”, notes an Irish minister


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12:07 : It’s noon and briquettes, let’s take a look at the news.

Deconfin? Will not deconfin? The goal of 5,000 cases per day set by Emmanuel Macron to start deconfinement is very far from being reached one week from the deadline. Jérôme Salomon will speak this evening to take stock of the situation.


Bruno Le Maire announces an agreement with insurers to freeze insurance premiums in 2021 for the sectors most affected by the crisis.

Negotiations are making little headway between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the faint hope negotiations. Among the sticking points, fishing or the dispute settlement mechanism.

Excavations have started in the park of Sautou castle, formerly owned by Michel Fourniret, in the Ardennes to find the body of Estelle Mouzin.


10h54 : Fortunately there are the Irish to keep us informed of the progress of the Brexit negotiations. This morning, the Prime Minister wanted to believe that it was 50-50 to reach an agreement. At 10:30 am, Foreign Minister Simon Coveney is much less optimistic, on the public channel RTE: “the negotiations seem for the moment blocked”, the three sticking points remaining “very problematic “.

10:04 am : Indeed, the fishermen of the North and the West would be the most penalized in the absence of an agreement. And Brittany remains an electoral stronghold of Jean-Yves Le Drian, right-hand man of the President of the Republic. The regional ones promise to be stormy in the event of a “no deal” or a deal too favorable to the British.

09:52 : Hello Pierre, one of the reasons why France blocks a fishing agreement according to the BBC, credible?


08:42 : @Michael An agreement was reached last year, but Brexit would pose serious problems for Ireland, particularly in terms of imports of goods: France 2 took the example of potatoes yesterday. Its economy remains very dependent on its British neighbor.

08:39 : Hello. As a point of discussion, I do not see Ireland. Has this border issue between Southern European Ireland and British Northern Ireland been resolved? Or if we don’t talk about it, it will disappear on its own 🙂


8:15 a.m. : “We will not sign an agreement that is not in our best interests.”

In the other camp, British Minister James Cleverly reaffirms his desire “defend the integrity of the United Kingdom”.

8:15 a.m. : According to Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator of the European Union, there is still no agreement for Brexit. What emerges from his briefing to the representatives of the 27 is that there are still three issues that block: fishing, competition rules and the dispute settlement mechanism.


The last faint hope negotiations must go on until tonight.

10:38 : The European negotiator Michel Barnier is due to take stock of the discussions early this morning with the ambassadors of the 27, then with the group of MEPs who are monitoring the dossier. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, and Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, conclude the talks in a telephone interview this evening.

07:28 : News, therefore, of the Brexit negotiations (reminder: this is a decisive new summit, after months and months of deadlock). The least we can say is that the participants are not overflowing with enthusiasm: “It would be premature” to talk about progress at this stage, confides a European source to AFP. “My instinct tells me it’s 50/50, I don’t think you can be too optimistic”, said Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin on the RTE channel.


07:25 : We start with a point on the news of this Monday morning.

There were 11,000 new contaminations in France yesterday, a figure still very far from the target of 5,000 cases per day, an essential criterion to begin deconfinement in mid-December.

New excavations are taking place this morning at the Château du Sautou, in the Ardennes, in an attempt to find the body of Estelle Mouzin. Michel Fourniret, weakened, will not be present.


Did you sleep well ? Brexit negotiators have gone all night trying to find a deal after months of deadlock. Impasse which is prolonged, it seems: “it would be premature to speak of progress”, confides a negotiator.

We no longer stop Olympique Lyonnais. Rudi Garcia’s players have a fourth consecutive victory in Metz (3-1) and move up to 3rd place in the standings.



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