VIDEO. Social media moderation, mental health, US election … Instagram director Adam Mosserie answers six simple questions


We want people to feel less pressure to be perfect or to always look their best. ”

How to make Instagram a safer place

“We don’t just have to blindly seek to have more views all the time. We’re trying to be thoughtful. I think we’re trying to make Instagram more compelling, to make Instagram meet more of the needs of people. people and yes, we measure the time people spend on the platform as an indicator of the value they get from it, but we also try to make sure that people feel good about the experience they have on the platform “, explains Adam Mosserie. From this perspective, the director of Instagram evokes confidentiality around the number of “likes”. “The idea is to try to depressurize the experience“, he adds.


What will you teach your kids about Instagram?

I use it as a sort of little private photo album, reserved for a handful of people. But I hope that when they are old enough they will start using it. And then I’ll try to give them some great advice on moderation, being mindful of who you interact with, protecting privacy, and thinking about what you share.“, says Adam Mosserie.

Why are women’s nipples banned on Instagram?

“We have no philosophical problem with that. It doesn’t come from a place of reign, I don’t knowdon’t, conservatism or American prudence, but it’s just a matter of security“, explains Adam Mosserie. He adds:”The problem with women’s nipples, and more broadly with nudity, is that we can’t verify age and we can’t verify consent. And so if we could do that on a large scale, I think we would try to find a way to move forward. But we can’t. “

Why have the photos of some anti-grossophobia activists been removed?

What has become clear to me, by dint of trying to improve ourselves, to be more transparent, to know where our biases lie, both in terms of the people who make the decisions, but also in terms of the technology that we develop is that these policies always have gray areas“, Emphasizes Adam Mosserie.


How did you handle the 2020 US elections compared to 2016?

Not only was I working on the Facebook app in 2016, but I was also responsible for Newsfeed. I was therefore responsible for all the fallout of fake news and disinformation on the platform. I think we should not focus on 2016 but rather look at the last 15 years of Facebook. The thing is, we’ve taken too long to really understand the extent of our responsibility and act on it, take it on.“, says the director of Instagram.

What’s next for Instagram?

The important thing for Instagram is to continue to focus on young people and on creators. Because we believe that young people and designers are trendsetters, that they advance culture, that they push the limits, that they help to move things forward“, said Adam Mosserie.



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