Info franceinfo The Observatory of parenthood seizes the CSA to block six pornographic sites to which minors can access


In a letter sent Friday, November 27 to the CSA (Superior council of audio-visual) and that Franceinfo was able to consult, the Observatory of parenthood and digital education asks it to launch “a procedure for blocking referencing and access “to the internet of six pornographic sites if they do not comply within fifteen days with French law, preventing their access to minors,

For this observatory, it suffices, to access the sites concerned (,,,, and, to declare to be of legal age by means of a message site warning. These media are therefore liable to be prosecuted under the law of July 30, 2020.


The Observatory of parenting and digital education is based on article 23 of this law of July 30, 2020 which authorizes the CSA to give notice to pornographic sites allowing minors to have access to their content. in violation of article 227-24 of the penal code. If the targeted sites do not take the necessary measures to prevent access to minors within 15 days, the observatory asks the CSA to “launch the procedure for blocking referencing and access to these websites”.

To establish the list of offenders, this non-profit association, indicates that it requested a bailiff to draw up an internet report. “This observation will show in particular that the services are easily accessible in France, in French from a French connection”.

Such a finding can also demonstrate that “the targeted sites have no filtering system making it possible to verify the age of the Internet user consulting them, either that this system consists of a simple invitation to confirm that the Internet user is well over 18 years old or that he accepts to access content reserved for adults “, argues the Observatory parenting and digital education.


In 2017, he commissioned an Ifop survey, which showed that half of teenagers aged 15 to 17 had already surfed on a pornographic site (51%), a proportion that has risen sharply (+14 points ) in 4 years (37% in September 2013). The survey highlighted not only the consumption of pornography among adolescents but also its influence on their sexual behavior, published on Monday. Of these 51%, 63% are boys and 37% are girls.


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