New world. Amazon’s cloud coughs, the internet catches cold


An Amazon logistics center in Germany.
An Amazon logistics center in Germany. (FRIEDEMANN VOGEL / EPA)

Amazon web services (AWS) was hit on the evening of Wednesday November 25 by a major outage, announced the global giant. AWS is Amazon’s computing cloud service. Nothing to do with the merchant site. This is the second business of the American giant, the only profitable to date. AWS is the global cloud leader, far ahead of Microsoft, Oracle or IBM, and alone represents one third of the Internet. Suffice to say that when the Amazon cloud coughs, it’s a bit like the Internet that catches a cold.

The cloud is a part of the web that you can’t see. They are hosting and data processing services used by millions of businesses and individuals around the world. Famous start-ups as well as large companies and American government agencies use Amazon Web Services, distributed in thousands of data centers across the planet. AWS runs both websites and internal business applications.


The outage occurred in an Amazon real-time data processing service called Kinesis. This caused disruption to 27 other services in the group. Mainly in the United States, it seems.

The list of affected organizations is as long as an arm. We are talking about the New York subway, e-commerce sites like that of the Nike brand, the Adobe company, Amazon prime music … More unusual, robot vacuum cleaners and connected doorbells, which use the cloud of Amazon, were also affected.

In the aftermath of the incident, Amazon announced that it had restored the Kinesis service. So everything should be fine. The exact origin of the problem is not known. This is not the first Amazon web services outage. A major failure affected the service 3 years ago, in 2017, which affected Netflix, Apple Music and even the professional platform Slack.



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