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Is the Covid-19 pandemic changing the habits of motorists in their relationship with mobility? A survey conducted by the Study Center of AutoScout24, the leading European portal for car and motorcycle ads, among its users in five countries (Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Austria) reveals new trends, but also signals some confirmation.


The first confirms the central role of the car personnel for travel, a solution still clearly preferred to public transport, car sharing and rental cars. In this phase, in fact, more than ever, one’s car is considered the safest means of transport. The new trend is instead placed on the scenario of car purchase methods: savings are increasingly important among the factors taken into consideration, while for research the opening to online purchase channels and digital tools is gradually growing. But let’s see the results of the survey in detail.


From the analysis of AutoScout24, the private car today is the most important vehicle for 26% of Italians (34% in Austria and 32% in Germany). 76% of Italians consider four wheels to be the safest means of transport to reduce the risk of contagion and over 6 out of 10 would not give up their car under any circumstances. 26% tend to avoid public transport (32 in Germany and Austria). Rental cars are also avoided (11% reduced their use) and car sharing cars (8%). Walking is on the increase, 33% of Italians have increased this mode (far from Dutch walkers, who reach 45%, and Belgians, 42%), while 20% have encouraged the use of bicycles.


Despite the economic uncertainties, 32% of respondents say they are looking for a car now, while 35% do so soon. Only 8% say they want to give it up due to the spread of the virus. If the goal, in general, to contain spending, the survey reveals changes in the search parameters: there are those who are focusing on affordable brands (25%), those moving to older models (21%), those consider going down a few steps in the range of the maraca to which you are fond (20%). 11% think they are giving up on options.

But the growing importance recognized to digital and to online channels the phenomenon that emerges strongly from the analysis. Italians are confident: 27% in favor of online car purchases (also), a modality also justified by the current dangers of face-to-face relationships. This provision is also found in other European countries: from Belgium (28%) to Germany and the Netherlands (24), to Austria (23).


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