Despite threats of sanctions from Washington, “Gafa tax” will be levied in 2020, confirms Paris


The threats of American reprisals on French products were not enough to torpedo the so-called “Gafa” tax (named after the companies Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple). She will be taken in 2020, the French Ministry of the Economy confirmed on Wednesday November 25. “Companies subject to this tax have received a tax notice for the payment of down payments for 2020”, said this source, confirming information from Financial Times (article in English). According to the British daily, Facebook and Amazon “are part of the companies” that have been notified “the last days”.

This 3% tax on the turnover of digital giants was adopted by the French Parliament in July 2019, making France a pioneer country in the taxation of “Gafa” and other multinationals, mainly American, accused of tax evasion. It brought in 350 million euros in 2019.


However, France is exposed to sanctions from the United States, which considers this tax discriminatory. While Donald Trump has already raised customs duties on French wines to 25% in the context of the conflict over state aid paid to Airbus and Boeing, Washington has threatened to apply customs duties of 100% on 1 , $ 3 billion in French products, including cheeses, cosmetics and handbags.

But in January, France and the United States had concluded a truce to give a chance to the negotiations conducted under the aegis of the OECD to create a global tax on multinationals. Paris froze the levy of its tax and Washington abstained from sanctions. “This negotiation failed, so we will collect a tax on the digital giants next December “, had warned in mid-October the French Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire.



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