IBM plans to cut 1,180 to 1,385 jobs in France, unions say


This is part of a global restructuring. According to union sources at AFP, the US IT giant IBM plans to cut from 1,180 to 1,385 jobs in France, or about a quarter of the workforce. This social plan of unequaled scope, announced in early November by the European committee without precise figures for France, is a “PSE [plan de sauvegarde de l’emploi] mixed, which must be officially presented to the unions on December 16, with a plan for voluntary departures but also probably layoffs if there are not enough volunteers “, explained Wednesday, November 25 Pierry Poquet, central union delegate Unsa.

“More than 20% of the workforce in Europe, or 7,700 people” are affected by this worldwide restructuring of IBM according to Unsa, “up to 25%”, according to the CFE-CGC. The latter called on Wednesday in a statement the new president of IBM France, Béatrice Kosowski, in order to “ask for guarantees in the face of the scale of restructuring”.


Asked by AFP, the management of IBM France indicated that its “personnel decisions are taken in order to provide the best support to [ses] customers in adopting an open hybrid cloud platform and AI capabilities [intelligence artificielle]”.

“This reduction of nearly a quarter of the workforce will take place before the major reorganization announced by Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM Corp, regarding the split of IBM into two separate companies by the end of 2021“, explains CFE-CGC.

“This split between, on the one hand, NewCo, which will take over the outsourcing activities [service d’infrastructure], and, on the other hand, RemainCo, foresees a transfer of about a thousand positions in France to the new structure “, explained Frank Setruk, CFE-CGC central union delegate to AFP. Which could lead, according to him, to the “reduction of nearly 50% of the current 5,000 staff at IBM France”.


For Pierry Poquet, from Unsa, IBM “get rid of old jobs and older employees [les salariés âgés de plus de 50 ans sont majoritaires en France] to focus on the new (cloud, artificial intelligence) with fewer people, younger “. Gold, “The situation for those who will stay is also very worrying because what will be the impacts of these massive departures on their workload? Will they be able to complete their missions next year?”, asks the CFE-CGC.


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