“I cannot let you say that this government infringes on public freedoms”, affirms Jean Castex in front of the senators


The images have gone viral. This Monday evening, the security forces evacuated a migrant encampment at Place de la République in Paris. Videos, uploaded by journalists on site, show police violence against evacuated migrants and journalists covering the event. The following day, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin described the images revealed as “shocking” and ordered an IGPN investigation. This Wednesday, on the occasion of the weekly Senate government questions, the subject was raised by senators, crossing political lines.

“Prefect Lallement asked for a report on the events that took place on Monday, Place de la République. The content of this report was delivered to Gérald Darmanin who also asked for a report, this time from the IGPN, “explains Socialist Senator Jérôme Durain. “But the only relationship that interests us, and that needs to be changed, is the police’s relationship with citizens. Your government claims to protect police and gendarmes, but exposes them by continuing to drive the wedge between them and the citizens. You want a police force that serves power when we want a republic police. Are you going to whistle the end of the game? And how do you plan to mend the link between law enforcement and citizens? “Asks the senator.


Responding to the questioning of Jérôme Durain, the Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship evacuates the question of the relationship between the police and the citizens: “I do not believe that a few isolated actions should cast shame on the entire police force. of the Republic, which makes it possible to maintain the republican order ”, she affirms. Coming back to the evacuation of the“ illegal encampment ”of the Place de la République, Marlène Schiappa maintains that the“ bottom line ” is indeed the question of “the shelter and the shelter of these people, who must be treated with humanity.” “We assume that the State finances the shelter and the lodging of people coming to seek a life better ”, assures the minister.

“Thank you for this moral lesson”, ironically the socialist senator from the beginning of his answer.

In a context where the government is accused of undermining, little by little, freedoms, the Prime Minister assured the contrary, this Wednesday, during current issues in the Senate government. Jean Castex was questioned by the president of the environmental group, Guillaume Gontard, who accuses him of running behind “the extreme right”, denouncing the doctrine of maintaining order “which mutilates the demonstrators” and the Minister of the Interior which puts “fuel on the fire”.


Returning first to the violent evacuation of refugees Monday evening in Paris, Jean Castex underlines that it was an “undeclared demonstration, an illegal occupation of the public domain, it was perfectly normal that officials of the Republic enforce the laws of the Republic ”. But the prime minister admits that events “shocked”, he said, recalling that the IGPN, the General Inspectorate of the National Police, was seized. At his request, the report will be made public, “and we will learn from these lessons.”

He will then address the sensitive subject of article 24 of the “comprehensive security” law.



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