Amazon’s discreet implantation divides the population


While Amazon is the target of criticism during the closing of small businesses, it seems that the firm of Jeff Bezos is very discreetly accentuating its establishment via warehouses. Near Rouen, in Petit-Couronne (Seine-Maritime), the mayor gave an authorization to settle which continues to divide the population. In this giant center which should soon see the light of day, 300,000 parcels would be processed every day and 24 hours a day. A project made discreet by the absence of the name of Amazon on the official documents.

For several weeks, opponents have been mobilizing and walking the alleys of the city market. Their goal is to sign a petition and mobilize residents against the establishment of the e-commerce giant. “These large groups that are setting up everywhere, it’s a real plague”, estimates a inhabitants. “1,200 jobs in the region, it’s good to take”, answers another.


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