the boss of the CGT Philippe Martinez denounces a “bad climate in our country”


Philippe Martinez was the guest of franceinfo on Wednesday August 26, 2020. & nbsp;
Philippe Martinez was the guest of franceinfo on Wednesday August 26, 2020 (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

“There is a bad climate in our country”, regretted the secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez Tuesday, November 24 on franceinfo, the day after the muscular evacuation of a migrant camp Place de la République in Paris.

>> Violent evacuation of a migrant camp in Paris: gathering in the calm Place de la République. Follow our live.


“Obviously, those who ordered this evacuation”, especially the prefect “are responsible and the prefect’s superior is the minister”, continued Philippe Martinez. The secretary general of the CGT denounced “a stigmatization of migrants, refugees”, which creates “an unbearable climate”.

“We must welcome them with dignity and it has been going on for too long. We need a welcome policy and a dignified welcome policy.”

Philippe Martinez


to franceinfo

It was journalists who published the images of this muscular evacuation on social networks, while the text on the “comprehensive security” law was adopted in the National Assembly. In this text, there is in particular article 24 which prohibits filming members of the security forces with the intention of “attacking their physical or mental integrity”.

It is a text denounced by Philippe Martinez: “Fortunately, journalists were able to be present and film the footage of that night because otherwise all of it could have gone unnoticed”. Without images, we would be “without evidence and the strength of these images and the testimonies of journalists is essential”, defended Philippe Martinez.


The secretary general of the CGT says he is worried and believes that this climate contributes to a “questioning of individual and collective freedoms. And this is the result of what we have known, especially in the social demonstrations in recent months”.

This episode of the eventful evacuation of migrants from Place de la République tarnishes the image of France according to Philippe Martinez, considered to be “the land of human rights, recognized like that in the world”. This reveals a “lack of fraternity and solidarity” and “I can tell you that our colleagues in other countries are asking us about this”, concludes Philippe Martinez.



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