Édouard Dumortier is the author of Future of the collaborative economy, as well as the co-founder of AlloVoisins, a mutual aid service between neighbors. He pleads for the expansion of a new model. “If we take a very brief definition, the collaborative economy is an economic model where use will replace the priority”, he explains. The music industry, with Spotify, is a good example.

“We come to consume music that we do not own”, he specifies. Ditto with carpooling. For Édouard Dumortier, the collaborative economy allows “to increase purchasing power for those who are going to consume”. Another positive point: the environmental issue, because the process involves “pooling of resources”. Finally, the author believes that the collaborative economy has real social value. For him, she “helps to bring people together, to recreate social ties in neighborhoods, because it often creates a physical encounter”.



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