Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in September 2019.
Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in September 2019 (MICHAEL REYNOLDS / EPA)

While Amazon announced Thursday, November 19 a postponement of “Black Friday” in France, the world number one in online sales is nonetheless one of the big winners of containment policies against Covid-19. The American giant saw its profits jump in 2020 and its boss Jeff Bezos has greatly benefited. To give an idea of ​​the wealth of the CEO of Amazon, the deputy La France insoumise Adrien Quatennens chose the following comparison: “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos earns what the average employee earns in six seconds. “ This statement is quite true and we explain why.

The UK site Unilad published this information. We suspect that his journalists did not rely on Jeff Bezos’ payslip to establish their estimate. They chose to start from the increase in the fortune of the billionaire over one day. Not just any day, July 20, 2020 when Bezos saw his fortune increase by the equivalent of 11 billion euros, thanks to the surge in Amazon’s stock market price, driven by the group’s exceptional results thanks to online shopping during the Covid-19 outbreak. Reduced to six seconds, this represents 764,000 euros.


With a quick calculation, we see that 764,000 euros represents 42 years of salary, or an entire career, for someone who earns 1,515 euros net per month. For a French worker, the average net salary being around 2,200 euros per month, Jeff Bezos’ six seconds would rather represent 29 years of career.

This comparison has its limits, in particular because it is carried out on orders of magnitude of the Western world. For employees in Ethiopia, the lowest paid in the world, with around 30 euros per month in textile factories, the result of the calculation is completely different. To earn Bezos’ six seconds of income, they would need to accumulate 50 professional careers in a row!



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