The race for Covid-19 vaccines is accelerating. In Europe, the European Commission has pre-ordered 1,800 million doses from five laboratories and is negotiating with the sixth Moderna, for a total of 2 billion doses. But the opacity in which these contracts are negotiated worries some MEPs who have been asking the committee for several weeks to make them public, in vain!

MEPs are putting the pressure on. Pascal Canfin, chairman of the Health Commission, believes that without transparency, citizens, worried about vaccination, will not be convinced.


“How can you imagine continuing to make progress on this vaccine without knowing who is responsible for what if there are side effects?”

Pascal Canfin, MEP

to franceinfo


In the event of a lack of a vaccine, it is the laboratories that will compensate the patients, insists the commission. It indicates that it has scrupulously followed European rules in this area, but without dwelling on the exception clauses. But there are, according to several sources. In the event of a defect “that the laboratory could not have known”, it will be up to the states to pay any compensation.

“Without certain guarantees, we would not have invested”Jean Stephenne, one of the leaders of the Curevac laboratory, admitted during a parliamentary hearing. “We are taking maximum risk in this matter! Industries must be protected if you want us to continue to develop technologies!”, he said.

The opacity of the sums paid to laboratories to start the production of vaccines even before their medical validation is also denounced. This is public money, drawn from the European emergency fund of 2 billion euros. How much did we give and to whom? What will be the final invoice? “It is not in our interest to disclose to certain laboratories what we have negotiated with others”, answers the commission.



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