On Monday November 16, Hungary and Poland vetoed the 2021-2027 budget of the European Union, approved in July, and by extension, the stimulus plan. “What gets stuck is making European subsidies conditional on respect for the rule of law, that is to say respect for fundamental freedoms, the independence of the judiciary and the press”, specifies the journalist of France Télévisions, Julien Gasparutto, live from Brussels (Belgium). A conditionality that the two countries refuse.

The veto of Poland and Hungary is another blockage in an already very complicated negotiation. In July, it had already taken five days to reach an agreement in principle between the various heads of state. “On the political side, we remain optimistic. European officials hope to be able to reach an agreement by the end of the year. The road will be narrow, we recognize in Brussels in the corridors of the European institution”, concludes Julien Gasparutto.



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