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Between Malaga and Granada in Spain, the fruits of these mango and avocado trees are sold largely thanks to an original system to families all over Europe: shared orchards, designed by the company crowdfarming.com. “This tree, for example, it is adopted by an English family, and this one by another French family”, explains Paco José Marin Salgado, avocado producer. 300 avocado trees are adopted by consumers: each adopter then owns his tree and receives his harvest of avocados at home. They are picked when ripe and shipped directly to reduce overproduction.

Success across Europe

It is also a way of better remunerating the farmer, since he is the one who sets the prices. Paco José Marin Salgado offers an adoption for 64 euros, transport included, for eight euros of organic avocados, the equivalent of the price in the trade. The crowdfarming.com platform thrives on the internet, you can find olive oil, mangoes and even clementines. Orders are placed from all over Europe. The platform, created two and a half years ago, manages logistics and transport, and is paid by taking a commission on adoptions. Customers, who can also, for example, adopt sheep and receive cheese, rejoice in this new reasonable form of farming, especially since they do not lose money.

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