Ferrari SF 90 Spider, a thousand horsepower for the new 473 thousand euro racing car –


Enjoying a Ferrari with the wind in your hair, in almost absolute silence. A vision? More than anything else, a paradox that becomes reality thanks to the SF 90 Spider, a brand new supercar with which the Maranello-based company is debuting its most powerful “discovery” ever in the new segment of high-performance plug-in hybrids. Yes, because with the new two-seater powered by four engines – the now mythological 4-liter, 780 horsepower V8 twin-turbo to which are added three electric engines for a system power of 1000 horsepower – it will allow a few, wealthy and selected customers to travel relying only on the contribution of electrons for 25 kilometers with a certain panache up to a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour. Of course, the juicy part of the experience will be experienced when the driving mode selected via one of the touch buttons on the steering wheel is Qualify, the one aimed at maximum performance, but now the aspect of environmental sustainability cannot be neglected, especially by a a brand like that of Cavallino for which luxury, technological exclusivity, design and performance form an almost inseparable paradigm.


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