The new Xbox Series S (white) and Series X (black) consoles (November 10, 2020)
The new Xbox Series S (white) and Series X (black) consoles (November 10, 2020) (JUNG YEON-JE / AFP)

In reality it is not one but two consoles coming out on Tuesday, November 10. A big one for demanding and wealthy gamers, the Xbox Series X, at around 500 euros, and a smaller one for reasonable gamers, the Xbox Series S, priced around 300 euros.

In terms of design, you would almost have a soft spot for the second in its white box the size of a TV decoder, unlike the big black monolith of the Series X. But its big sister has a bigger hard drive, a CD player. Blu-Ray CD and it is more powerful, especially to take advantage of 4K TVs.


It is the fourth generation of Xbox console. The first one dates from 2001. The previous version was released in 2013, 7 years ago. Consoles have a particularly long life cycle. These new consoles are designed for so-called “new generation” games which will take full advantage of new technical performance, such as Ray Tracing which improves the realism of lights, but they also accept all old Xbox games.

The Playstation 5 will be released next week, November 19. Here again, it is the great history of game consoles that continues to be written. The previous Playstation, released in 2013, is also 7 years old. And soon we’ll be celebrating the 26th anniversary of Sony’s first Playstation. What is striking about the future PS 5 is its incredible design. It is two-tone, white and black, with broken lines, and a real little spaceship side. Above all, it is huge. Which sparked a bit of mockery on social media. It will be necessary to find a place under the TV in the living room to accommodate it.

We will wait until next week to learn more about its technical performance. Note, in any case, that both the Xbox and the Playstation rely heavily on the cloud for the distribution of games, but they do not yet save on hard disk storage. Given the memory size of new generation games, it may even be necessary to consider an external hard drive to store them. In short, we have not yet entered the era of fully dematerialized gaming.