In Nancy, a priest broadcasts his masses on Facebook to continue praying during confinement


A connected priest. To allow his faithful to gather and worship together in full confinement, Father Guy de Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) has been broadcasting the masses he celebrates on social networks since November 3. The videos are posted on Facebook and YouTube each evening at 6:15 p.m.

“At first it was just with my tablet. Today it’s not great, great but it’s really really beautiful times that we can live”, greets Guy Lescanne, rector of Notre-Dame-de-l’Annonnement in Nancy. The priest had already put this device in place during the first confinement.


And everyone participates in their own way. The young parishioners improvise technicians by becoming in turn camera operators or sound engineers. A couple of faithful who follow masses from Paris has meanwhile offered a tripod for a more stable image, and therefore of better quality. “This is how you end up. With people who wanted very simply, with their skills and incompetence, that we could pray together.”, confides the priest.

Practitioners get together, virtually certainly, but with the feeling of sharing a real moment of communion in their faith. From her dining room, Teresa can then live this moment with her family. “We installed Facebook at my parents’ house in Holland so that they could live the same mass as me and my sisters. They are not used to it. My father is 73 and my mother 72. Despite the distances, we were together for the same mass “.

After the ceremony, messages are exchanged in comments on the video. Appointments are made at the same time every day to feel united no matter what.



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