After Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election, reactions around the world were immediate. France, Germany and Japan in particular congratulated the elected president. The UK also hailed his victory. However, for the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the coming to power of Joe Biden is not necessarily good news.

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Although the two have never met, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson have a history. While the current British Prime Minister led the Brexit campaign just over four years ago, Barack Obama made it clear his attachment to Europe and to the UK in Europe. The one who was then mayor of London had pointed “an ancestral hostility towards the British Empire”, from Obama because of his (false) Kenyan origins. A typical BoJo cookie cutter statement that weighs heavily today. Joe Biden hadn’t enjoyed this outing and he seems to have a nagging grudge. Less than a year ago, he called Boris Johnson “physical and emotional clone” by Donald Trump.

Despite everything, as soon as Joe Biden won, Boris Johnson immediately made a first approach towards the President-elect of the United States. “The United States is our most important ally and I look forward to working closely together on our common priorities, from climate change to trade to security,” he notably declared on twitter.

Boris Johnson clearly marks his difference with the future former US president. He gives as first priority: climate change. It’s honey for Biden’s ears and it’s true that Johnson has never been on the Trump line on this matter.

In his tweet, the British Prime Minister also speaks of the “trade” in the run-up to Brexit. Negotiations to leave Europe are still ongoing. Deal or no deal with the EU, from January 1, the UK must enter into new trade agreements with foreign powers. Angry with China, the British authorities must work with the United States, it is almost vital for the country. The negotiations have already started behind the scenes, Boris Johnson must conquer, seduce, convince Joe Biden and his future administration.