“There will be a slower restart than expected in 2021”, believes Thierry Breton


Will the European Union tax American products, as the WTO has authorized? “We will wait until the election is over, but we have that possibility. [Dans] a discussion of this nature, everyone puts these arguments on the table and then after that we find a compromise “, explains Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, and guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2, Friday 6 November.

Is a regulation of Gafa to be expected? “We are going to regulate the information space. It is a given, it is a certainty. We will also present our project on December 2. We are doing this against no one”, indicates Thierry Breton.


The eurozone is expected to experience a 7.8% recession this year, could it be worse especially if there is a third wave? “There will be a slower-than-expected restart in 2021. But what’s important is that we make arrangements to live with this pandemic.”, explains the European Commissioner for the Internal Market.

How soon will we have a vaccine? “The Commission has entered into contracts with three major vaccine suppliers plus three others so we are in a situation of having several hundred million doses, between 400 and 600 million doses. The tests [des vaccins] we have to wait for them in the first half of next year “, indicates Thierry Breton.

Does the economic situation require a new stimulus plan? “For now we’re going to use our stimulus package. […] The European Union will be there, we will be there no matter what. We have shown that we were able, in solidarity, to be there in support of the Member States “, believes Thierry Breton.


Who has the most to lose from a no deal, the UK or the EU? “Of course it’s Great Britain”, concludes the European Commissioner for the Internal Market.


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