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03:50 : In Georgia, Joe Biden could overtake Donald Trump overnight! According to CNN, the county of Clayton must make public the results of 5,700 ballots at midnight (6 am in France), while Donald Trump’s advance is only 2,497 votes in this key state.

  • Trump’s lead hangs by a thread in Georgia: 2,497 votes, less than 0.1 point.
  • It melts away in Pennsylvania: 50,000 votes, 0.8 pt.
  • Biden loses some of his lead in Arizona: 46,000 votes, 1.5 pt;
  • Nevada unchanged

03:23 : AFP Washington correspondent Francesco Fontemaggi provides a full and concise update on the situation in key states at this time.

03:12 : Big question @Fabienne ! To summarize, if Donald Trump loses, he will still have the same powers as in normal times until January 2021. He could therefore still try to complicate the transition, for example by trying to take last-minute executive orders. However, there are safeguards in this regard. More details in this article (in English).

03:12 : Good evening, do you know if a study has been carried out or is in progress to know the impact of #Coronavirus on the US election. Indeed, it would be interesting to compare the data from 2016 and 2020 by adding the mortality due to the virus. Democratic voters also seem to be more cautious, particularly in their use of postal voting.


02:59 : And meanwhile, a new record of more than 120,000 positive coronavirus cases in 24 hours was recorded Thursday in the United States, where the epidemic has been on the rise for about two weeks, according to a count from Johns Hopkins University , which refers to. The United States has recorded a total of more than 9.6 million cases since the start of the pandemic.

03:07 : Moreover, at 8:40 p.m. (2:40 a.m. in France), there were only 16 105 non-counted ballots in Georgia according to the Secretary of State. Donald Trump only has 3,486 votes in advance.

02:48 : Good evening @Read. Difficult to say with certainty … 99% of the ballots were counted, but the authorities indicated in the afternoon that the ballots were still going to have to be counted Friday, in particular those of the military and Americans abroad.


02:48 : The final result for Georgia will fall in a few hours?

02:38 : Several American televisions have decided to interrupt the broadcasting of President Donald Trump’s speech, believing that he was making disinformation. “Well, here we are again in the unusual position of (having to) not only interrupt the President of the United States, but also correct the President of the United States,” blurted out MSCNBC presenter Brian Williams. NBC News and ABC News have also interrupted the broadcast of this press conference.

02:08 : News of the lawsuits brought by the Trump camp in Pennsylvania: a federal judge has just rejected the request to stop the counting in Philadelphia but has ordered that the number of observers be increased, says the New York Times.


02:04 : A sign of feverishness on the side of the Republicans: the very conservative New-York Post just published an article titled: “Dejected Donald Trump launches baseless claims of electoral fraud, in an intervention from the White House.”

01h54 : Good evening @James. Logic dictates that with 270 major voters – the majority of the electoral college therefore – the candidate is guaranteed a victory. But it is true that changes in the vote can happen … In 2016, seven major voters finally supported other independent candidates, but that did not change anything after the election. In addition, 33 states force these large voters (either by means of a fine, cancellation of the vote or their replacement) to respect the popular vote.

01h54 : 270 large voters all round, it will be enough to be invested? In 2016 half a dozen voted against their candidate …


01:46 : Erie County, Pennsylvania flipped to the Democratic side a few minutes ago. It was won by Donald Trump in 2016. The president’s statewide advance is only 74,000 votes.

01:36 : Good evening David. Several Republicans have already spoken in recent days to call for calm and respect for the count. And it continues tonight with Donald Trump’s speech. “If you have any doubts about possible fraud, present evidence and seek justice. STOP spreading false information,” just tweeted, for example, Adam Kinzinger, elected Republican in the House of Representatives.

01:36 : But where are the members of the Republican party ??? How to remain silent at such a time?


01:30 : Bonjour Monde! I have just returned from Florida to accompany you until the end of the night. This is also the continuity of public service 😉

01:27 : Robin Prudent, who is with me in Washington, joins us. He will host this live by my side until 6 a.m. So you have with you two of the three special envoys from the editorial staff to the United States!


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01:24 : The information will not please Donald Trump: the gap continues to shrink in Georgia. The Republican is only 3,635 votes ahead of Joe Biden.


01:19 : You are right, @Survey. But for now, we don’t have the results from Nevada (nor from North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Alaska).

01:18 : I don’t understand: with Nevada and Arizona it seems enough to J Biden, no need for North Caorlina, does it?

01h17 : Good evening, I listened to his speech and … I still do not believe it … mind boggling


01h17 : Shocked, completely shocked by what Trump just said. Moreover, several American television channels cut Trump’s conference! Surrealist.

01:16 : Surrealist his intervention! Clearly surprising in a context of presidential election this speech!

01:16 : In the comments, many of you are stunned by Donald Trump’s speech.


01:05 : The intervention of the American president from the White House is over.


01:04 : Donald Trump continues to talk about “corruption” and of “fraud“, without proof. Some media have decided to warn, or even cut the broadcast of the press conference, in the face of these statements.

01:01 : As a result, in the hours following the election, we had the (misleading) impression of a large advance by the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. Then, over the hours and the count of the postal votes, Joe Biden closed the gap. This showed that the vote was extremely tight in many states.


12:59 am : As FiveThirtyEight explains, this phenomenon is related to the fact that in these states, in-person votes were counted first. But Republicans were more likely to physically go to the polls. Then the postal votes, much more numerous this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, were counted. However, the Democrats voted instead by mail.

12:57 am : Donald Trump is referring here to Michigan and Wisconsin, where he led largely in the hours after the polls closed but where Joe Biden finally won the ballot. As a reminder, this “blue shift” phenomenon was anticipated by many observers.

12:56 am : “They are trying to rig the election.”


12:56 am : “This is what has happened everywhere.”

00:55 : “In Georgia, [je] am going from a very wide victory to a narrowing gap and maybe [je vais finir] by falling behind. “

12:54 am : “We are always ahead, but not so much, because they find ballots … It’s fantastic all the ballots they find that favor the Democrats.”


12:51 am : The outgoing president begins by reiterating his assertions that there are “massive fraud” during this ballot, without proof to support his remarks.

00:50 : Donald Trump’s press conference begins immediately, with delay.


00:48 : @Martin : And for the question on Kamala Harris … When the Senate is divided on a vote, with the two camps tied, it is up to the Vice President to decide. So if the Senate has 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats in January, she can tip the scales for her camp. Politico tells you more.

00:45 : Good evening @Martin. So for now:

– According to the latest results reported by the New York Times, Democrats have 209 seats in the House of Representatives and Republicans 191, out of the 218 needed for a majority. Results are awaited for 35 seats.


– There are actually 4 seats to be filled in the Senate. Democrats and Republicans are tied with 48 seats apiece, but the Conservatives are almost certain to win one more, according to the NYT. Three other elections are very close, including two in Georgia which could be played in a second round in January.

00:45 : Hello Madam, I am staying! Speaking of which, can you give a quick update on the situation in the US Congress, please? Difficult to see clearly: we sometimes read that the Republicans won the Senate, elsewhere that 4 seats remain to be filled … What is the concrete situation? Are we certain of the result in the House of Representatives? Can Democrats Still Win The Senate? How can Kamala Harris act in this direction if Biden is elected (I read somewhere that she can, without understanding how …)? Thank you for your insight!

00:37 : Good evening @Jeans, and thank you for your loyalty! According to the New York Times, there are 190,000 ballots left to count in Nevada. The vast majority are in Clark County (that of Las Vegas), which is pro-Democrat.


00:37 : Good evening, With you on all the shifts, thanks for your work, any info on counting in Nevada?


00:25 : Donald Trump’s advance continues to shrink in several states. The outgoing president is now less than 10,000 votes ahead of Joe Biden in Georgia and about 90,000 in Pennsylvania.