Ducati Multistrada, the first motorcycle with radar that makes it brake on its own – Corriere.it


Sensational in Borgo Panigale: the Multistrada gains a V4 engine, loses the iconic desmodromic distribution and the first motorcycle in the world to use radars to make certain stages of driving safer and semi-autonomous. For example, in front of a sudden obstacle, the motorcycle automatically brakes by itself. In short, the new Ducati crossover, while remaining faithful to its multifaceted DNA and to that multifaceted character that has allowed it to win over 110,000 customers, changes a lot, especially in depth. Via the tubular trellis frame to make room for an aluminum monocoque, the evolution of that innovative and slightly crazy idea that debuted on the track with the Desmosedici to experiment with a new tool around which to build a rigid, precise and light chassis . A complex that here rests on 19 and 17 inch wheels – if desired with spokes – and on suspensions made in collaboration with Marzocchi, mechanical for the basic version and semi-active electronics in the S version which, among other things, can boast of being the first motorcycle in the world to use a system that automatically adjusts the trim according to the load to keep it always level between the front and rear, so as to prevent the bike from sitting down and losing handling and directionality.



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