“I am in shock at what happened”, reacted Monday, November 2 on franceinfo Amélie, French guide and lecturer who lives in Vienna, while several shootings broke out in the evening in the city center of the Austrian capital killing at least three people. “Like everyone else, I watch the news all the time to see what’s going on”, says the shocked expatriate as helicopters and sirens prevented her from sleeping overnight. The Prime Minister denounced a terrorist act.

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It was “a special evening, the last evening before the reconfinement, explains Amélie, bars and restaurants were open until midnight so there were more people than the previous days. “

“I live not too far from the city center and I was happy to tell myself that I was having an online meeting with some friends tonight because otherwise I was also going to have dinner downtown”, she continues. “They say that Vienna is a village and we all have friends, relatives who were in the city center and who heard the horror”, explains Amélie, adding that usually “Vienna is a peaceful city”.

“It’s sad, but in France, we would almost become used to it, we hear these horrors happening. But when it’s elsewhere, in a smaller country where there have been no attacks for a very long time , it’s very surprising. I would never have thought of that. And then, we never had an anti-terrorist plan communicated to the population, so it’s really a shock “, concluded Amélie.