FORTE DEI MARMI – A test drive in the heart of the Calcata Bolchini quarry, where marble has been cultivated (synonymous with extracting) for over 40 years, then the announcement of a first fruit and the definition of the details of a third commercial project, already presented recently but still new . One and three, then.
DS Automobiles, fresh from the sponsorship of the Italian Golf Open, has decided on a three-pronged hitch for the plug-in hybrid version of the DS7 Crossback SUV: we are talking about the reference model of a brand that, remembers managing director Francesco Calcara, recorded a growth of 16% in a premium market that fell by 33. Diversifying the offer is therefore an appropriate choice, if not obligatory, to withstand a troubled sea of ​​these times. Go ahead with the trident, then: the DS7 E-Tense range adds a simplified version of 225 hp and two-wheel drive. The 4×2 sister of the eldest daughter, a 4×4 with double electric motor and 300 hp, will also be part of the Louvre operation, a limited and numbered edition of 1,000 pieces in total, 150 of which are destined for Italy.


In the beginning it was the full DS7 E-Tense

However, everything derives from the founder DS7 E-Tense integral, which has become a flag of DS Automobiles’ choice to devote itself to hybrid and electric technology, being today the only brand together with Volvo – underlines Calcara – which fully respects European energy parameters and which with a value of 79.9 boasts the lowest consumption of carbon dioxide. The 4×4 of an SUV that still continues to have appeal even in terms of endothermic engines, a bull of power and agility. Climbing the slopes of one of the 37 quarries of Massa Carrara and entering its tunnels makes you experience a strong emotion as much as the driving experience. Sections with a 40% gradient and very tight hairpin bends were tackled: an exam passed in the rain, with the added value that the tires were still the summer ones.


The DS9 E-Tense, the new DS flagship,
The DS9 E-Tense, the new DS flagship, can be ordered from 9 November (deliveries mid 2021). 493 cm long, a 225 hp plug-in hybrid. Like the 1995 DS it has the rear indicators incorporated into the roof


Access to the hybrid at lower costs

But the flagship needed a companion that would offer access to the hybrid at a lower cost and in line with those of the petrol and diesel models, while maintaining superior features: among these the shock absorber system equipped with a dedicated video camera. The DS7 Crossback E-Tense 225 (from 48,700 euros, price can be reduced with the incentives confirmed for 2021) is based on a 180 hp Euro 6.3 petrol engine flanked by a 110 hp electric motor integrated with the 8-speed automatic gearbox . 50 kilos are saved compared to the 4×4, but without excessive penalties (apart from the absence of all-wheel drive): the 13.2 kWh battery allows a range – 55 km in the mixed and 72 in the city (Wltp cycle) – almost equal to that of the E-Tense major. And like her sister, the newborn also has dynamic charging systems (the internal combustion engine also comes into play) borrowed from the technology acquired in that Formula E that DS has dominated for two years.

The Louvre bouquet: paintings on display

Finally, both versions are part of the Louvre bouquet, an edition based on the Grand Chic set-up, with three dedicated colors (one blue, one black and one gray), particular moldings and the gem that appears in rotation on the dashboard screen 182 works from the famous museum, sponsor of the brand. Of the 150 cars destined for Italy, 100 will be 4×4 and 50 4×2. It is an authentic limited series, not the arrangement of an end-of-life model, explains Giorgio Contu, head of communications. The price inevitably rises: 60 and 64 thousand euros respectively. But the value of a journey alongside art.

DS7 E-Tense 4×4, THE CARD

Extreme test in the marble quarry for the new DS7 Crossback

DIMENSIONS – Length: 457 cm; width: 190; height: 163; step: 273
ENGINE – PureTech petrol 180 hp (1.6cc) plus electric 81 kW front and 83 kW electric rear. Total power: 300 hp
TRACTION – Whole wheat
PRICE – From 51,050 euros

DS7 E-Tense 225, THE CARD

ENGINE – PureTech petrol 180 hp (1.6 cc) plus electric 80 kW. Total power: 225 HP
PRICE – From 48,700 euros

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